Garming Montana 610

It's no secret that the iconic motorcycle brand has been moving in a new direction. But for us mere mortals, standing on a big bike takes a lot more bravery, mainly because if the bike starts to topple, by the time you've sat down and put your legs out to steady the bike, it will be already heading to the ground and you are not going to stop 200kg with a dab.

RawHyde has been involved in the Adventure Riding segment of the motorcycle world for more than 15 years. To some riders, this is an issue, but if you're really into adventure riding, the less things that can go wrong, the better. A mid-sized adventure bike normally weighs in between 140 kg to 180 kg (fuelled without gear).

The motor company will also be bringing other, smaller electric motorcycles and bicycles to market over the next-half decade, in a transparent attempt to attract new, younger riders to the brand. Adventure motorcycle jackets truly are the pinnacle of motorcycle gear technology, built for the extreme ADV rider.

We don't need to wax lyrical about how good KTM's adventure motorcycles are, because the company's trophy cabinet can do all the talking. Most of today's large displacement ADV bikes come standard with a host of performance altering bell and whistles, including traction control, ABS, and riding modes for various terrains or weather.

They usually have less suspension travel and ground clearance than lightweights, and often come with tires that offer a compromise between dirt and pavement performance. This is the perfect category if you're planning an adventure ride through cold territory or during a colder time of year.

Blending the norm between all-out road and mountain bikes, adventure bikes give a much wider range of versatility, making them perfect for the multi-discipline cyclist. Canadian firm Norco is best known for its mountain bikes, and its Search bikes have been designed as adventure bikes able to tackle a multitude of paved or unpaved surfaces.

There's no denying that the Versys is an exceptional motorcycle - it's ideal for commuting, highway riding, and long distance touring. No matter how aggressively styled and Dakar inspired your adventure bike might be, it is not a dirt bike. Bikes like ktm690 enduro this 1993 Honda XR600R helped popularize dual-sport motorcycles.

Rider training involves more than just the physical aspect, to reach your full riding potential you have to train your mind as well. Max McAllister is the President of Traxxion Dynamics, manufacturer of suspension components for motorcycles and mountain bikes.

All very good adventure bikes. There's some really trick adventure or dual sport' riding clothing out there, full of armour, padding, breathable layers, vents, pockets etc. A DRZ250 was the first bike I setup for adventure riding, there was basically nothing available for this bike as upgrades to suit adventure riding so I had to customise a large tank, screen, pannier racks, panniers, etc.

Sometimes, getting lost is the best way to find out exactly where you need to be. And no matter the terrain, weather, location, or type of riding that gets you out of bed in the morning, our adventure bikes will be there for every turn of the pedal. A long range fuel tank is a godsend if you're going bush and if you're travelling internationally you may want to consider an engine remap to run on low-grade petrol.

The reasons for the increase in popularity of adventure bikes, and the style of riding they offer go way beyond a couple of TV series starring Ewan and Charley. Dynamic ESA will now be available as an option, while both bikes see a 6.5” TFT dash with its associated connectivity, emergency call system, keyless start, cruise control, tyre pressure monitor, and gear shift pro.

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